Rita Sousa

Rita's 28 years of professional experience covers a diverse range of areas besides industrial and graphic design.

Always with a particular interest for human relationships and communication, she developed her skills in both the furniture manufacturing environment, initially among the workers and the R&D departments, and rapidly rose up to the sales and contracting teams. Dealing directly with the customers, she was exposed to the commercial side of the business. Soon Rita realised her immense innate capacity for negotiation in the resolution of conflicts.


Along with her career Rita developed her personal interest in languages.  After several years studying simplified Chinese in Portugal, in 2012 she moved with her family to Taiwan to deepen her knowledge of traditional Mandarin. In Taipei, this daughter of four generations of family furniture designers, embraced a graphic design position and by 2013 the marketing & communication strategist role for a Portuguese company working with Europe’s most prestigious wine producers.


Meanwhile Rita was also an invited professor at the Taiwanese Ministry of Foreigner Affairs (MOFA) to teach Portuguese to future Taiwanese diplomats at the MOFA’s Diplomacy Academy, in Taipei, passing on her knowledge of Portuguese culture while taking in the Taiwanese’s.  Along with her excellent cross-cultural communication and multidisciplinary ability, her endless motivating impulse is to deepen knowledge, for herself and the people around her.

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