Amiba | design for a social cause
A pro-bono project to fundraise the Dawn Syndrome Association

D-Effect is a fundraising program for the Portuguese Down Syndrome Association that has become a brand.  It stands for Design and Differentiation and how these generate value.  Along with Experimentadesign, these non-profit organisations invited the creative community to design meaningful products inspired by the theme of “differences”, which is rooted in the Down syndrome chromosomal disorder and how it randomly generates differences in people.


The Amiba inception is about bringing ‘disorder to order’ through the beautifully crafted tableware porcelain that reflects the hypothetical chromosomal asymmetry in its shape.  The object’s uniqueness is to carry a specific genetic code, similar to Down Syndrome’s, that makes all the difference.


The program evolved from design to mass production to the marketing. It generated a chain of added value where 100% of profits are put back into helping the Down Syndrome Association with their operations in Portugal.


Client | Portuguese Down Syndrome Association 

Credits | Rui Sampaio, Fernando Miguel Marques,

Susana Martins 

Photo | Rui Sampaio 

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