Signage and public furniture

Amoreiras W01 790x536
Amoreiras W02 790x536
Amoreiras W03 790x536
Amoreiras W04 790x536
Amoreiras W05 790x536
Amoreiras W06 790x536
Amoreiras W07 790x536
Amoreiras W08 790x536

In Lisbon’s iconographic post-modernist building from the 80’s, the shopping mall’s interior signage and public furniture design project got inspired by the architectural colorful masterpiece. 


Teasing the architect’s work, instead of following the building style, the design concept went for a simpler, still colorful and not so obvious geometries. 

There are single-colored hallow cubes for the signage and not so orthogonal solid masses of material as furniture. It is a provocative simplicity, an opposite contrast in such an intense architectural environment.


Client: Mundicenter

Credits: Jason Morenikeji and Nuno Pinho

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