Big World Homes

To live big, you have to think BIG

Australia’s housing affordability is at crisis level.  

Being one of the founding members of The Big World Homes, we were asked to develop a brand platform for a unique product to solve this problem. Each house is delivered flat-packed and ready to live, in a matter of days.


After identifying its attributes, we established the brand ’s identity, focusing on the essence - “to live big you have to think BIG”.   Hence the identity is based on the “B” and the light sky blue to represent ongoing ways to problem solve this heavily discussed and debated issue that affects most Australians.


Australia's housing affordability crisis is likely to continue for another 40 years unless there are major changes to the market, according to the latest report from the Committee for Economic Development of Australia (CEDA).


Client | Big World Homes 

Credits | Micky Du

Photo | Micky Du

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