Designed for the major sponsor of

the Universal Exhibition

Expo98 W01 790x536
Expo98 W02 790x536
Expo98 W03 790x536
Expo98 W04 790x536
Expo98 W05 790x536

The Expo98 stool was designed for the major sponsor of the 1998 Universal Exhibition, in Lisbon.  


At this kind of events exhibitors would do their best to captivate as many people as possible.


The know-how from previous events predicted huge crowds in a somehow short period of time.  There would be a lot of waiting in the line to get inside the exhibition pavilions.

The team came up with this idea for a stool to give away as a souvenir and a symbol of the client dedicated commitment to the sponsoring program. 


The innovation and uniqueness in  the design is the structural rib web used to draw the client commemorative logo over the translucent polypropylene.


Client: EDP, Electricidade de Portugal

Credits: Jason Morenikeji and Pedro Homem

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