The iconic legendary “annoying” hammer

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In 2001 the city of Porto, famous for its Oporto wine, was the European Cultural Capital. 


To celebrate the event at the City Hall annual Fest, a saint sponsored deeply rooted catholic tradition that is held all over town, the design team choose legendary “annoying” hammer, the most iconic local event related object, to bring tradition back in a more contemporary approach. 


It is an armless gadget with a double side plastic foil air pump and a long handle.

They bang on each other heads with this.  Its armless and annoying and a lot of fan. 


The new design emphasized the duality of tradition versus modernity. 


It is a split foil now, and the two opposites are brought together by the single bionic ergonomic new handle.


Client: European Cultural Capital Port0 2001

Credits: Teresa Costa Reis and Pedro Goncalves.

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