In-store Customer Service Management

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The customer management system equipment was the central unit and interface for the Mobbit’s line management solution. 


It registers customer arrival and directs them to the available service person, while processing all the collectable data for quality and quantity analysis, providing useful information for customer service improvements.  


The depurated and sophisticate lines reflect the exoskeleton design code followed in the development process for this product. 


The goal was to build the main body with only two parts of bended sheet metal, avoiding unnecessary structure and keeping low production costs. 

The product shows its skin made of large flat span surfaces and big radius edges providing a one-piece self-standing structure. 


The design criteria allowed clean large flat surfaces for easy and quick customized graphic communication inserts.  


This product was designed, manufactured, assembled and delivered to the final customer by the design studio.


Client: Mobbit

Credits: Paula Trindade Silva and Ines Carvalho

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