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The Pluma® it’s a Lightweight LPG Cylinder for domestic use.  The uniqueness on the Pluma® is the balance between materials and technologies: the safety and strength of traditional steel cylinders with the lightness of new generation composite materials. It’s a patent-pending lightweight hybrid container which combines a metal liner, for optimised butane gas vaporisation, reinforced with Twintex® fibres for mechanical strength, with the plastic skin for functionality, ergonomics, sustainability and social impact and the name Pluma (the Latin word for feather) as the brand identity.   The Pluma® has a highly semiotic value providing an instant reading and understanding of the product. It mitigates the use of butane gas inside the home.  The iconographic design and the technology blend sets the new standards for the next generation of mass produced lightweight LPG domestic cylinders. It demonstrates creative management with a vision and innovation driven thinking for the client and its LPG division. The Pluma® was awarded with the red-dot best-of-the-best, the Gold Idea, Good Design Gold Award, the iF Award  and the Germany Gold Design Prise.


Concept Ideation |  Design Direction |  Product Design

Pluma W091  790x536
Pluma W01 790x536
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