Micky has lived in his entire life within diverse cultures. Having one-eighth Portuguese blood might have attributed to his ever-exploring mind. Plucked away from the booming city of Taipei from the age of 5, his family moved to the wonders and natures of Swaziland to start a family business. On being suddenly immersed into two different foreign languages (English and French), he had to adapt to his surroundings rather quickly. His youth was spent chasing away cattle from his backyard and truly experiencing what nature has to offer in one of Africa’s last monarchies. He graduated from UWC (United World College - Waterford Khamhlaba) where he began to engage with an array of diverse cultural backgrounds as both students and lecturers came from all sorts of countries which he had never heard of as a young Asian boy.


To further his studies, he moved to South Africa and began studying Graphic Design at the local Technikon in Johannesburg- his free-spirited upbringing stirred him away from following clichéd, academically-minded career paths. With a curious mind, he explored many art disciplines other than his main courses and attended lectures in various other disciplines such as interior design, industrial design, ceramics and fine arts, just to name a few. While feeding his addiction to graphic design, he was not only determined to become a successful designer but also to make this his career path throughout his life. He attributed this to the endless days studying in the library on how design studios work and the detailed ins and outs of running a design studio.  Following graduation, he entered just one design entry at one of South Africa’s most prestigious design awards, “The Art of Design”, and won the grand prize, out-performing even his key graphic design lecturer who had won several previous titles.


His passion now stirred by his first success and humble beginnings, he moved onto bigger ones such as with his brother building one of South Africa’s most creative design studios - Du Brothers Design - over 10 successful years and was rewarded in 1991 with the Designer of the Year Award. Their business breakthrough was winning the pitch against Micky’s previous employer - Grapplegroup - to secure MTN, the largest mobile networks account in Africa.



In 1998, the opportunity to pitch for the launch of the Sydney Airport 2000 Olympics, and to eventually win it, to his great surprise, made him walk away from his beloved South Africa and move to Australia.  There, he began his next move to partake in the enormous task of directing over 30 projects in a short 6 months’ period.  Delivery was done, and all was ready for the grand opening to welcome the athletes to the brand-new airport dubbed the “Sydney Olympics Airport”.  Settling in Sydney, he soon got used to the familiar climate of BBQs and good beer, soothing his longing for the good days in South Africa for a further 17 years.


Throughout his life and due to the time working with various clients across the world, his ever-exploratory mind has induced him to relocate to several different countries, from Taiwan to Swaziland, South Africa, Australia, China and Singapore.  Being a true designer at heart, his traveling experiences have led him to ever explore the unknown and take failures as true learnings in life.

Back in Taipei, and being a dog-lover, he currently spends a lot of his free time walking his dog, which he adopted from a rescue center, planning what his native Taiwan has to offer and further explore what is unknown to him in the world.

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