80.000 seat numbers in

less than a week

SCP ST W01 790x536
Neja W02 790x536
SCP ST W02 790x536
SCP ST W03 790x536
SCP ST W04 790x536
SCP ST W05 790x536
SCP ST W06 790x536
SCP ST W07 790x536
SCP ST W08 790x536
SCP ST W09 790x536
SCP ST W10 790x536
SCP ST W11 790x536

The signage project for this stadium had custom designed parts for the suspension and fixation of the graphic applications. 


This parts where designed before the works in the building being finished. 


When we went back to check the works, found the entire electricity network installation already in place and decide to use the same system to mount the signage. 

We actually did use the leftovers from the electrician’s crew. 


The big challenge thought was to attach the 80.000 seat numbers… in less than a week.


Client: Sporting Clube de Portugal

Credits: Teresa Costa Reis and Maria Joao Lima

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