For all stores, any size, and


VDF W01 790x536
VDF W02 790x536
VDF W03 790x536
VDF W04 790x536
VDF W05 790x536
VDF W06 790x536
VDF W07 790x536
VDF W08 790x536
VDF W09 790x536
VDF W10 790x536
VDF W11 790x536
VDF W12 790x536

The VDF display system is a super modular and flexible set of in-store wall mounted showcases designed to provide exhibition stands and displays to cover all the Vodafone’s products and services for the consumer and small business markets. 


Started as a display design project, soon became so modular and flexible that eventually it became the master plan for VDF’s store design.  All stores at any size were built with this system.

The modules were manufactured in the factory and then assembled on site in just a few days, and that was the key-factor for the cost-effective performance of the whole system.


Client: Vodafone Portugal

Credits: Akis Constantinidis and Carlos Silva

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