The first VDF Action Store in Portugal.

ActionStore W01 790x536
ActionStore W02 790x536
ActionStore W03 790x536
ActionStore W04 790x536
ActionStore W05 790x536
ActionStore W06 790x536

The Action Store is Vodafone’s first flagship store in Portugal.  It was designed to enhance the experience of the modern mobile telecommunications paradigm. 


The layout welcomes the customer with a dramatic circular hall leading to the main room that can be quickly transformed in to an auditorium.

“One person one experience” was the leitmotiv for the furniture design concept on this store, where the piles of cubes symbolize the stack of endless experiences available at the store, the ultimate state-of-the-art communications interface and contact point with the customers.


Client: Vodafone Portugal

Credits: Nuno Pinho and Luis Patrocinio