A symbol of out-of-the-box irreverence

Yorn W01 790x536
Yorn W02 790x536
Yorn W03 790x536
Yorn W04 790x536
Yorn W05 790x536

Yorn is the anachronism for Young Original Network, a sub brand of Vodafone Portugal for the teenage market. 


The pack is a combo pre-paid product (cell phone + service card access chip card) sold to young customers from very low prices. 


For a cost-effective approach, we elected a standard inflated transparent plastic bag, commonly used to pack and ship high value and sensitive cargo. 

The pack becomes the symbol of irreverence because of the out-of-the-box, literally, design concept.  It is a very effective and very environmentally friendly solution too.


Client: Vodafone Portugal

Credits: Rita Vieira and Americo Mateus

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