DSL | citizens first

An in-store line managing system for public services

Designed for the Portuguese National Taxation Bureau, the DSL is the interface of a service platform for the in-store line management system software. 


The product’s design identity symbolizes the Bureau's solid service. Supported by its light and easy to access structure, the design challenges the laws of physics by exploring the tension between minimal vertical pillars against the considerable mass volume of the product’s main body. The pillars conceal all cables and wiring, while the body houses the electronics. The device features a central processing CPU unit, thermal printer, flash card reader, stereo system and a touch-screen colour monitor.  


The DSL project was a full designing to manufacturing service, including certification and logistics of the end product.  It’s an extraordinary example of super-efficient cooperation between strategic alliances, from design and engineering to mass production.


Client | Softlimits

Credits | Rui Sampaio, Paula Silva, Inês Carvalho

Photo | Rui Sampaio 

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