ECS | sustainability milestone

The first electric charging station in Europe

The ECS is a milestone in the industry. Reflecting the brand’s new positioning to face the changing times, this is Galp Energia’s first step towards an energy efficiency system for personal transportation and Europe’s first electric charging unit within fossil fuel standard filling stations.


The ECS design echoes Galp Energia’s pioneering statement towards sustainability. It’s a clear message of commitment to the environment and customers’ expectations.


The ECS is the company’s icon for clean energy supply system design to covering a wide range of applications from fast charging terminals at gas stations to standard charging spots in parking lots, store parking, office buildings and private homes. 


The ECS concept is inspired by a human body jumping for joy, celebrating the arrival of eco-friendly energy that is now widely available for personal transportation. Indeed, the starting point for the sculptural concept of its iconic design was “a shape that rises from the ground like a torso with its arms reaching for the sun”.

ECS, electric charging station

Client | Galp Energia 

Credits | Rui Sampaio, Pedro Monteiro, Ana Abreu,

Gonçalo Vieira

Photo | Galp Energia, Rui Sampaio 

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