Lightspot | branded light
An integrated branded product

The Lightspot outdoor lamp is a full-service design program.  An integrated branded product, seamlessly combining product design, product communication and environmental brand experience at a trade show.


The Lightspot is the third device on Galp’s consumer product line.  It’s the bottled LPG powered cordless outdoor lamp continuing the company’s path for an innovative approach to consumer products, following the Pluma LPG bottle and the Hotspot gas heater. LPG is a powerful transportable source of energy that allows unlimited possibilities for portable devices such as the Lightspot, which itself expresses the paradigm of a modern contemporary design take on a century-old technology.


The lamp’s clean design is based on the powerful light source inside the top translucent globe.  The isotropic light rays spreading from the light source inspired the spherical shape of the lamp shade.  The double sphere design becomes the perfect balance when both spheres are connected by the straight-line pole between them.


The Lightspot produces a very bright light with low CO2 emissions. This cordless lamp runs on standard mini LPG canisters and is fitted with standard gas connectors, making it suitable for any market around the world.


Client | Galp Energia 

Credits | Rui Sampaio, Pedro Monteiro, João Cracel,

Ana Abreu,

Photo | Rui Sampaio 

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