Medusa | random lamp

Meaningful design for non-profit organizations

The Medusa was a pro-bono fundraising program for non-profit organisations.  The project was a successful cooperation with the Portuguese Down Syndrome Association mentored and supported by Experimentadesign.


The two non-profit organisations call on the design community to join in a very special fund-raising program.  From the designers’ creative work, to production, to the market, 100% of profit reverts into funding. The project’s theme of “differences” was the guideline for the whole program.  It’s inspired by the Down syndrome chromosomal disorder and how it randomly generates differences in people.


The Medusa table lamp is the uneven light globe on a tripod. The random shape of the globe’s surface makes it feel different each and every time one looks at it. A sensorial, visual and tactile experience to light up other realities. Just as in Down syndrome, the ‘disorder’ of light globe’s surface generates uniqueness and its clear difference to ordinary table lamps. 


Client | Portuguese Down Syndrome Association 

Credits | Rui Sampaio, Susana Martins,

Fernando Miguel Marques,

Photo | Rui Sampaio

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