Stormtrooper | square tail
A high performance dream

Miguel is a 16-year-old promising young surfer and future marine biologist.  Since his early days in Taiwan, he has been sponsored by a local surfers’ hostel on the island’s North-East coast, a successful partnership that has brought him to the national championships as well as the dream of joining the ASP Asian tour.  


Thus, ensued the perfect opportunity for this much-awaited custom made new surfboard, designed for his surfing level and built by Savage, the Taitung based shapers from Southeast Taiwan.  The result is the Stormtrooper, the high performance square tail 5”6 181/4 21/4 low rails single/double concave surfboard, great for stable bottom turns and smooth cut backs.


Client | Rising Sun 

Credits | Rui Sampaio, Miguel Faria , Candy Lin

Photo | Rui Sampaio 

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