The first people here

Rui Sampaio is the founder and CEO of thehumans. A humanistic resolute product designer and multidisciplinary people leader with over 25 years background in the experience design business. 
A cutting-edge visionary, he has designed more than 100 successful commercial products around the world.  
Micky Du has over 25 years of experience as a Creative Director at several major multinational branding agencies.  As a strategic thinker, he realizes his creative passion from his core belief that good design enhances and better peoples' lives.
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Rita's 28 years of professional experience covers a diverse range of areas besides industrial and graphic design.
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How these three maniacs become people and transformed into these humans.


Our founder is a creative powerhouse that never runs out of ideas on ways to create things differently. For some time, he has been maturing the dream of a design practice that would address the challenges of the world’s indeterminacy and its endlessly fast-shifting nature. The result is a new structure designed essentially to transcend the limitations of isolated design disciplines.


When he met Micky, a likeminded soulmate that has dedicated his entire life to brand design and branding, the idea for this transcendent structure immediately evolved. Their discussions over many café sessions revolved around how the design community and its customers could better engage all-in for good business. That’s when Rita, a gifted multilingual communications expert with a deep understanding of Far-East Asian thought joined the boys. These encounters eventually triggered the idea into a vision, exponentially magnifying the strengths of these innovative thinkers.  


Soon they embraced the challenge while venturing on some major changes in their lives too. It was the opportunity to excel as professionals, grow as people and spread the good as humans. True to a humanistic approach to life and business this is how thehumans gained shape and came to life.


Passionate about everything we put our minds into, we see design challenges where most people see problems.  We also see engaging with manufacturing and services industries as a way to promote the design culture among engineers, team leaders and CEOs. We believe that fostering the role of design can only add to generating profitable business and doing good in society at large. 


We see ourselves surpassing the commissioned assignments. We work hard to run our own research in matters that are relevant to humanity. We develop alliances with those who contribute to the cause, both profit and non-profit based organisations that grasp our curiosity or call for our help.  This is how we relate to the world. 


These are thehumans.

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