Vega | hybrid star

A product identity system for the retail business

Vega is a portable wireless ATM reflecting the insights garnered from user surveys on the common usage of these types of devices, where it was found end users prefer to hold the device while performing a transaction. The concept design idea was to develop a product which could be handed over to the client instead of holding it for him. The unique landscape style of this handheld electronic devices allows for a very ergonomic solution for the object to be operated and used with both hands: one to hold it with and the other to interact with it.  Surveying the banking business, which represents the majority of Glintt’s clients, also revealed a clear expectation for extended customisation capabilities on new devices.


The design program explores ergonomic features to increase the overall size and also provide a larger flat top surface to convey a considerable area for customised printed communication.  ​The design is based on the exploration of line-arc generated surfaces that shape the product, moving it away from the mainstream cell phone look which was the trend for most competitors. This design feature became a major brand element that would go onto serve as an arching identity to the overall design manifesto for the company’s product line in the retail business.


This Vega features magnetic and chip card readers, GSM, RFID, a bar code reader and certified contactless operations capabilities complying with all international industry standards.


Client | GLINTT 

Credits | Rui Sampaio, João Cracel, Ana Abreu

Photo | Rui Sampaio 

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