Wardell Chambers

Founded in 1997, Wardell Chambers is one of Australia's most renowned barrister's chambers

Named after Robert Wardell one of Australia's first colonial barristers, Wardell Chambers required a fresh new identity once relocating to their new chambers.


Their new identity had to reflect their core belief of long being renowned for both the depth and breadth of their legal knowledge and experience, with leaders and specialists in all areas of law.


They practice a collegiality, where an open-door policy is actively encouraged and practiced by members who freely share their legal expertise and discuss questions on of law.


The wattle flower is one of Australia most renowned flowers. Its native origin and iconic appeal were the bases that symbolised Wardell's key attributes, their belief in unity amongst their barristers of chambers, growth within their new chambers, being always open and, above all, practicing fairness within all areas of business law.

Wardell Chambers

Client | Wardell Chambers 

Credits | Micky Du 

Photo | John Rintoul,  Micky Du

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