We are committed to uplifting the power

of creativity when tackling new challenges,

turning them into extraordinary and meaningful branded products through the expert use of multidisciplinary design.

That is our job.  


We value the role design plays in our lives in making better living for all.  At thehumans we excel by adopting an approach that is unlike what is found in conventional design studios.  We offer multidisciplinary far-reaching integrated design services based on our international network of expertise in Asia, South East Asia, Australia, Europe and North America. We generate ideas driven by innovative thinking and develop them into unique ground-breaking products and brands to bring world class competitiveness to our customers’ businesses.


Our people centric design studio transforms ideas into tangible value. We turn business goals into profit.  Made by people, for the people, in three different ways.


Innovation-driven research in pursuit of newness.  The transformation of data, words and numbers to generate design insights for emotive and unique branded experiences.

Patent audit | Innovation insights |
Patent development


Ideas create visions, from concepts to exclusive branded products. Designs that generate, evolve and materialise insights into meaningful creative brands, products and services that tell a story which resonates to the relevant market. 


A service for those who are willing to lead the difference in the global market.

Design audit | Design concepts |
Brand Design | Product Design |  Environmental Design   |
Design Implementation


Mentoring and tutoring on branded products and how the design mindset can bring innovation and creativity. 


We teach the principles of design and how they can produce new opportunities within our clients’ organisation and ultimately, creating engaging brand experiences to the end user.  

Design education | Design mentoring | Masterclasses | Lectures | Talks
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