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S6 140.30 mph 01 790x536
S6 140.30 mph 02 790x536
S6 140.30 mph 03 790x536
S6 140.30 mph 04 790x536
S6 140.30 mph 05 790x536
S6 140.30 mph 06 790x536
S6 140.30 mph 07 790x536
S6 140.30 mph 08 790x536

It’s the world land speed record for a 50cc engine… and still to beat. 


The HuVo Plompen Casal 50cc was built by Piet Plompen and equipped with a Casal Motorcycles 50cc two-stroke atmospheric engine tuned by HuVo/ Hubert-Voskamp Productionracers. J.Hubert drove the torpedo at Lelystad, in the Nederland.

When the client was planning to break the record again, for the buzz and the prestige of it, I was assigned to design a vision of the new speed monster.

Because it was the 50cc engine’s record, and not the motorcycle’s, there was freedom to use more than two wheels and the opportunity to move away from the rocket style design.

The new concept got a low narrow nose streamline fuselage, a delta shape high wing and two side wheels as inverted rudders.  It’s a bad ass combat fighter look to speed over the 230.000km/h (143.75mph) mark.

Client: Casal Motrocycles

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