Modular system for

portable pin entering devices

S1 PED 01 790x536
S1 PED 02 790x536
S1 PED 03 790x536
S1 PED 04 790x536
S1 PED 05 790x536
S1 PED 06 790x536
S1 PED 07 790x536
S1 PED 08 790x536
S1 PED 09 790x536
S1 PED 10 790x536
S1 PED 11 790x536
S1 PED 12 790x536
S1 PED 13 790x536
S1 PED 14 790x536
S1 PED 15 790x536
S1 PED 16 790x536
S1 PED 17 790x536
S1 PED 18 790x536

The first concept for the pin entry device & payment terminal project explored the idea of a single curvature top surface design in two products built over a modular basis. 

Two products with three different modules: the pin-pad unit, the pin-pad back end assembly and the thermal printer unit.


Modularity would allow the standard pin-pad unit to become a payment terminal by adding the thermal printer unit.   The first would easily be transformed in the other by an add-on module.  It sounded just fine until tooling cost eventually determined a different building concept:  two products sharing a lot of components. 

Plastic wise there are two products, while the keyboard, motherboard, monitor and card readers are the very same in both.

The single curvature top surface on both products is meant to allow advertising and customization with cut-out stickers.


Client: Glintt, Global Intelligent Technologies

Credits: Goncalo Vieira, Joao Cracel and Pedro Monteiro

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