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is an independent

design consulting company 

in Taipei.

thehumans is an independent consulting initiative by Rui Sampaio, a multiple times award-winning design director, in its essence, seamlessly combining unique originative forecasting and design services in tandem, from the early stages in the creative process to ready for market.  


Here, the approach is based and inspired on a humanistic mindset, whether it is a professional or a consumer product, aiming to provide an integrated, consistent and meaningful creative work which resonates to the relevant market.  


A people-centric approach committed to enlighten the importance of bridging science and engineering with design and the role it plays in turning technology into something extraordinary that is made to make people happy.

thehumans is ruled by international design standards to provide integrated design services to corporations and smalland medium size enterprises in the manufacturing and service industries.

It’s based in Taipei, the heart of the world’s best supply chain, offering far-reaching comprehensive industrial design services based on a solid know0how and expertise in the generation and development of ground-breaking design innovation to provide enhanced world class competitiveness to the customer’s business.


thehumans deliver design that transforms ideas into tangible unique products and services along business goals into profit.






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