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is an independent

design consulting company 

in Taipei.

thehumans is an independent consulting initiative by Rui Sampaio, a multiple times award-winning design director, seamlessly combining unique originative research and transformative creativity in tandem, generating positive innovation by design.


Sampaio is a resolute advocate of a sustainable-human, going from the circular economy and net-zero carbon neutrality towards the United Nations sustainable development goals is the framework of thehumans activity.  


The approach is inspired by a sustainability-centered mindset, the drive is to improve society at large, and the commitment is to enlighten the importance of bridging science with design, turning technology into things extraordinary.

thhumans is ruled by international design standards to provide integrated design services to Senior and C-level management in corporations and small and medium size enterprises in the manufacturing, services and the cultural industries.

It’s based in Taipei, the heart of the world’s best supply chain, offering far-reaching comprehensive service design based over 25 years designing for abetter tomorrow.


thehumans deliver design that transforms ideas into unique products and services, balancing economic growth, environment and well-being to help businesses serving their communities better.






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