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The twist that makes 

the difference

BenQ SIMO 00 970x536
BenQ SIMO 02 790x536
BenQ SIMO NPWT 05a 2128x1200
BenQ SIMO 03 790x536
BenQ SIMO 04 790x536
BenQ Simo 07 790x536
BenQ SIMO 06 790x536
BenQ SIMO 05 790x536
BenQ SIMO 00a 970x536

The Anscare SIMO NPWT System, by BenQ Materials, reduces medical care costs in the negative pressure wound therapy, while mitigating the patients’ physical and psychological burden during treatment. It’s a pocket-size lightweight, compact and battery free device that, along with the BenQ patches, allows continuous therapy, away from the hospital.

The design brought a literal twist to the usage process. It features a large integrated non detachable optimized ergonomic pressing surface and a load status indicator. The design highlights the central role of the pressing loading process and how it simplifies the entire user’s experience.


Client: BenQ Materials

Credits: Berling Tang and Pochuan Pan

Design Direction for: Vetica Group AG 

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