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CGI 01 The Cherry on the top
CGI 02 Bushmills glass
CGI 03 Bushmills graphics
CGI 04 Blob Watch
CGI 05 Soya sauce set
CGI 06 Soya sauce set DOF
CGI 07 iPay
CGI 08  iPay
CGI 09 Lightspot
CGI 10 Lightspot
CGI 11 Christmas  pack
CGI 12 Christmas pack
CGI 13 Billboard
CGI 14 Golden Pluma
CGI 15 half Pluma
CGI 16 F430 Monster
CGI 17 F430 Skullcandy
CGI 18 Mobbit see Showcase
CGI 19 Mobbit see Showcase
CGI 20 Chrome lotus DOF
CGI 21 LM green
CGI 22 High heels
CGI 23 Home charger Empulse
CGI 24 Red sportscar
CGI 25 Shaking Day Diageo
CGI 26 Shaking Day Diageo
CGI 27 Electric Stark
CGI 28 Zoe and ECS
CGI 29 Home charger Smart
CGI 30 SBK F16 Monster
CGI 31 SBK F16
CGI 32 SBK F16 at Ducati
CGI 33 SBK F16 in Shanghai

This is Computer generated imagery for project presentations, try-outs for new designs and concepts, and mostly modelling and rendering training.  There’s one cherry, darts, a soya sauce set, two mobile payment terminals, a cordless lamp, cars, bikes, shoes, home chargers, a penthouse bar at Diageo’s office and an electrified design icon.

Client: Snord, SuperNormal Design Studio

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