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The ECS from Galp Energia was the first European electric charging station in a traditional fuel gas station from a fuel and petroleum driven company. 


It is indeed the first step towards an energy system for personal transportation: a landmark for the changing times to come. 


This is the leitmotiv for the ECS design program.  The ECS design is about a pioneer’s statement; a proud move towards the new needs of a changing society.


A clear message of commitment, to the customer’s life quality improvement, from the market leader in hydrocarbon fuel production and distribution.  

The design is inspired by a human body jumping for joy, celebrating the arrival of the eco-friendly energy: electricity now available for personal transportation.  


That’s the starting point for the sculptural concept of this object -this mass that pops-up from the ground as the legs and torso of a body with the rising arms reaching for the sun.  


The ECS program will cover a wide range of applications from fast charging terminals at gas stations to standard charging spots in parking lots, shopping or condo parking, office buildings and private homes.


Client: Galp Energia

Credits: Paula Trindade Silva, Joao Cracel and Pedro Monteiro

Design Direction for: Snord Supernormal Design

Process: from nothing to something new.

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