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A compact portable home butane LPG heater. The original idea for the cylindrical concept was to reach a very compact design, smaller and lighter than most of the similar products on the market.


The cylindrical design led to a new technical breakthrough for non-linear burning units meant to provide a broader heat spreading quality, though they were eventually replaced by cost effective double linear ones. The cylindrical design makes it compact and very easy to store. 


The slick lines are very self-explanatory about the unique features of the product. 

It has powerful blue flame technology 130 wide spreading heating units which provides more than 4000 watts/ 13800Btu of heating power.   

The Hotspot it’s the world first interior heater designed for the new generation of lightweight LPG canisters.  It has an isolated interior compartment to fit heat sensitive thermoplastics canister shells. 


The Hotspot is built in Germany, and sold all over Europe, under various brands. It was awarded a iF design prize in 2006, Gold Award in the CPP09 and Silver Award in the ADC*E, The Art Directors Club*Europe.


Client: Galp Energia

Credits: Tiago Mendes, Teresa Costa, Jose Carlos Mendes and Pedro Monteiro

Design Direction for: Brandia

Process: from nothing to something new.

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