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Komax W10 790x536
Komax W01 790x536
Komax W09 790x536
Komax W08 790x536
Komax W06 790x536
Komax W07 790x536
Komax W05 790x536
Komax W03 790x536
Komax W04 790x536
Komax W02 790x536
Komax W101 790x536 (1)

Designed in Taipei and developed in Tokyo, the Mira 230 wire stripper is a multiconductor cable processing tabletop device and the first one out of agency’s cooperation with Komax, a Swiss manufacturer of machines for wire processing.  


The goal in the new product generation development is to design the difference in cable processing machines as well as their handling in the most simplified, intuitive and safe form.

The project’s foundation is based on the findings from an extensive user study and analysis.


The outcome was synthetized and integrated into the industrial design development, the interaction design concept and the intuitive user interface.  


A typical UX driven process for which we were granted a ‘smart design’ tag from our customer.


Client: Komax Group

Credits: Yuexun Chen and Teymour Mesirez

Design Direction for: Vetica Group AG 

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