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This is a cordless outdoor fully portable lamp, fueled by butane/propane LPG blend. 


The lamp clean design is based on the powerful light source inside the top translucent globe. 


The isotropic ray spread from the light source inspired the spherical shape of the lamp shade.  The power source -a 5kg standard mini canister- is stored, and concealed, inside the lamp’s base sphere.


This double sphere design gets the perfect balance when both are connected by a straight-line pole between them. It has standard gas connectors, which enables it for the worldwide markets. 


The light source works through out an over 100 year’s old technology, producing very bright light at low CO3 emissions.


Client: Galp Energia

Credits: Paula Trindade Silva, Joao Cracel and Pedro Monteiro

Design Direction for: Snord Supernormal Design

Process: from nothing to something new. 

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