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Microlife NC 200 001 790x536
Microlife NC 200 002 790x536
Microlife NC 200 003 790x536
Microlife NC 200 004 790x536
Microlife NC 200 005 790x536
Microlife NC 200 006 790x536
Microlife NC 200 007 790x536

The NC 200 is the new generation of contactless self-guiding fever thermometers.


The challenge for the new product design was to enfold professional technology standards into a consumer product aimed at parents and caregivers.


The design program focus went to the all-new ergonomics to improve handling, the users’ interaction concept for guidance into the best way to use it and a quickened readings feedback system.


All of these design features are combined to make this medical grade device into a friendly home consumer product.


Microlife Corporation is a medical diagnosis company engaged in the development of products and services designed to support self-monitoring to improve people’s health and the world’s leading manufacturer of thermometers.


Client: Microlife AG Swiss Corporation.

Credits: Karsten Verck and Pochuan Pan.

Design Direction for: Vetica Group AG 

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