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The orange green card is the European vaccination certificate made tangible. A digital physical vision meant to inspire community thinking and bring in breakthrough outcomes on a transnational scale.


While the technician politicians dissect through the colossal regulatory, ethical and technical challenges involved, design proposes a vision for triggering the discussion on the visual communication side of such service.


This Green Card is orange, the color that encourages socialization, and it’s also inclusive in a graphic color allegory mashup of all colors of all the flags of all state members countries in the European Union.

The digital card it’s designed to be issued by the state members’ national public health systems, supported by the European Medicine Agency, promoted by the European Commission and eventually linked and extended to the World Health Organization for global coverage.

The personal smart card features 4x redundant low data information transfer technology readable anywhere on the planet.  The speculative vision widens to propose an official easy-to-spot set of smartcard readers/writers, designed to authenticate the system while making it easy and quick to spot when in transit, helping mitigate the current personal mobility constraints.


The idea of a digital international vaccination certificate on a physical medium is a global challenge equal to ID cards and Passports.


What color is your Green Card?

Client: #myorangegreencard

Credits: thehumans

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