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The DSL is the visible equipment for the in-store line managing system for customer and public services.  


The design of the DSL challenges the laws of physics by exploring the tension between minimal vertical pillars against the considerable mass volume of the product’s main body.  


The pillars conceal the energy, communications, and data cables, while the body houses all the hardware.

The DSL features the main controller for the entire system, with its central processing unit, thermal printer, flash card reader slot, stereo system, and the interface touch-screen color monitor. 


This product was designed, developed, manufactured, and assembled by the design studio.  It is delivered to the client homologated, tested, and ready to use.


Client: Softlimits

Credits: Paula Trindade Silva and Ines Carvalho

Design Direction for: Snord Supernormal Design

Process: from nothing to something new. 

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