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It only needs a smartphone and

a cloud-based app

PixoTest W01 790x536
PixoTest W02 790x536
PixoTest W03 790x536
PixoTest W04 790x536
PixoTest W05 790x536
PixoTest W06 790x536
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PixoTest W09 790x536

When PhD Doctor Alan Tsai came to us, he had just begun with iXensor, a startup company set to develop, manufacture and sell a brand-new blood glucose monitoring system.  


The patented colorimetric measurement technology developed by Alan was not only a great idea, but also a very good and innovative one.  Yet, not really a consumer product.   That was our job.  


We put together a team of medical business experts, marketing strategists, product, graphic and branding designers to get this done.  A full-service design project, from usability and user’s experience, to graphic user interface and customer’s journey throughout the brand’s touch points.

The PixoTest® it’s a compact, tiny and discreet, disposable all-in-one meter-free mobile system, perfect for travelling and measuring your blood glucose on the go. 


No need for a lancing devices or bulk test strips.


Users only need a smartphone and the app cloud data management, nothing else.


Client: iXensor

Credits: Yuexun Chen and Max Lee

Design Direction for: Vetica Group AG 

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