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CTT W01 790x536
CTT W02 790x536
CTT W03 790x536
CTT W04 790x536
CTT W05 790x536
CTT W06 790x536
CTT W07 790x536
CTT W08 790x536
CTT W09 790x536
CTT W10 790x536
CTT W11 790x536
CTT W12 790x536

The new traditional mail pole. 


The same functionality as ever with new dimensions to fit new post paradigm: the increasing volume of the average packaging size and the pre-paid postage packs in the daily mail traffic post system.  

The new pole design as the updated iconographic contour of the traditional red pole, it’s bigger and it features the secure deposit drawer for oversize mail packages.


Client: CTT, Correios de Portugal

Credits: Goncalo Fonseca

Design Direction for: Brandia 

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