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Rui Sampaio Sapido Dual WAN 1586x958
Rui Sampaio Sapido Gas Sensor II 1586x95
Rui Sampaio Sapido Gas Valve II 1586x958
Rui Sampaio Sapido Smoke Detector II 158
Rui Sampaio Sapido Voice Sensor II 1586x
Rui Sampaio Sapido X3 1586x958
Rui Sampaio Sapido Remote 1586x958
Rui Sampaio Sapido IR II 1586x958
Rui Sampaio Sapido WiFi Audio 03 1586x95
Rui Sampaio Sapido Air Quality Center II

The commission was to develop an all-new full range of I.o.e.T products for the home, targeted at the non-expert consumer, inspiring the uncomplicated quality of a new usability’s concept principles. 


The foundation of the design concept was driven by two ‘must have’ key words: round & white.

It generated a guideline base on a “circular square” scaled and stretched to fit the requirements of every single one of the 38 new products. The new product range comprised Home Centers, Gas Detectors, Gas Valves, Voice Sensors, Smoke Detectors, Glass Sensors, Remotes, Outdoors IR Sensors and Air Quality Centers.

The design process evolved into a simple shape customized with visual hints relating each object to their specific service. A 38 variations of a white circular square.



Client: Sapido Technologies

Credits: Yuexun Chen, Max Lee and Hans Lee

Design Direction for: Vetica Group AG, Switzerland

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