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Sapido Technology is a Taiwanese company shifting from its traditional local market to an international challenge with focus in Europe and the US, leaving behind the network devices manufacturing to embrace the I.O.T. world.  


The owner commissioned the studio to undertake a comprehensive re-think of the current brand aiming at simplifying the technology and the products.   The new product strategy development is based on a design strategy build upon the user’s experience expectations towards the new category of objects, targeted at the non-expert consumer, inspiring the uncomplicated quality of a new usability’s concept principles.  

It’s a straightforward product identity, formally clean and implying a clear quality of easiness of use.   This is driving the development of a new 38 products family, meant ultimately to provide a total solution within the household, either in safety, surveillance, energy saving or the home comfort.  


Brand awareness and a consistent consumer experience came out of this holistic approach at every level.  A journey that was just starting.


Client: Sapido Technologies

Credits: Yuexun Chen, Max Lee and Hans Lee

Design Direction for: Vetica Group AG 

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