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Surf W01 790x536
Surf W02 790x536
Surf W03 790x536
Surf W04 790x536
Surf W05 790x536
Surf W06 790x536
Surf W07 790x536
Surf W08 790x536
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Surf W15 790x536

Miguel was a 16-year-old promising young surfer and a future marine biologist.  


Since his early days in Taiwan, Miguel has been sponsored by a local surfer’s hostel in the island North East coast, a successful partnership that has brought him to the national championships as well as the ASP Asian tour. 


The perfect opportunity for the much-awaited custom-made new surfboard, designed for his surfing level and build by Savage, the Tatung based shapers, in Southeast Taiwan. 

It’s the Stormtrooper high performance square tail 5”6 181/4 21/4 low rails single/double concave surfboard, great for stable bottom turns and smooth cut backs.


Client: RisingSun & Savage

Credits: Miguel Faria and Candy Lin

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