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100% natural beer with

no additives

S6 Tagus 1 790x536
S6 Tagus 2 790x536
S6 Tagus 3 790x536
S6 Tagus 4 790x536
S6 Tagus 5 790x536
S6 Tagus 6 790x536
S6 Tagus 7 790x536
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S6 Tagus 9 790x536
S6 Tagus 10 790x536

Tagus is a 100% natural beer with no additives and is the only Portuguese beer that has always complied with the Beer Purity Law established in 1516.


This law stipulates that the beer can only be made with water, barley and hops. If other ingredients are added, or if one of those listed is missing, then it is not a true beer.

After more than 100 designs we choose the one that would better fit both the 33cl and the 25cl bottle sizes. 


Because we like freezing cold beer with a lot of carbon dioxide, the small quick to drink 25cl is just perfect and very popular too.


Client: Cereuro, Cervejeira Europeia

Credits: Nuno Pinho

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