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“It’s hard to get lucky” was the theme for the 13th Portuguese Art Director’s Club (CCP13) festival.  Each associated Creative Director where assigned a hip restaurant and together with the Chef make some buzz for the week’s festival.  That week we put the Umai Restaurant customers to work and eat up the “entrée” soup, till the last drop, to find out, written on the plate’s bottom, witch of the Chef’s new dishes they were going to have next

It turned up to be a very successful interaction and a profitable one too.  For the all week of the festival they eventually served 50% more of this “work for you luck” surprise meal, then first planed.  Bon Appétit!


Client: CCP Clube de Criativos de Portugal & Umai

Credits: Paula Trindade Silva, Elsa Casimiro and Pedro Monteiro

Design Direction for: Snord Supernormal Design

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