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Vega 02 790x536
Vega 00 790x536
Vega 01 790x536
Vega 03 790x536
Vega 04 790x536
Vega 05 790x536
Vega 06 790x536
Vega 07 790x536
Vega 08 790x536

Vega is a cordless hybrid secure electronic payment terminal for the retail business.  The terminal features magnetic and chip card readers, GSM, RFID, bar code reader and certified contactless operations capabilities. 


The design is based on the exploration of basic line-arc generated surfaces in the definition of the master volume of the product’s body; away from the main stream mobile cell phone like trend in most of the global market competitors. 

The unique landscape style of handheld electronic devices sets off to a very ergonomic solution for an object to be operated and used with both hands: one to hold it and the other interaction. 


The concept design idea was to develop a product to hand over to the client instead of holding it for him.


Client: Glintt, Global Intelligent Technologies

Credits: Goncalo Vieira and Joao Cracel

Design Direction for: Snord Supernormal Design

Process: from nothing to something new. 

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