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Amiba W03 790x536
Amiba W01 790x536
Amiba W12 790x536
Amiba W02 790x536
Amiba W04 790x536
Amiba W05 790x536
Amiba W06 790x536
Amiba W07 790x536
Amiba W08 790x536
Amiba W09 790x536
Amiba W10 790x536
Amiba W11 790x536
Amiba W12 790x536

This is the product designers for a social cause:  It is pro-bono work that the product design community is doing to help the Down Syndrome Foundation rise funds for their operations in Portugal.


The Amiba is an ordinary plate that went through a hypothetical random accident and bumped and blended to another in the production line, just like the asymmetrical chromosomal disorder with Down syndrome carriers dictates they’re entire life: these are people with differences and that is the difference.

Inspired by this genetic condition, the Amiba design shows an asymmetrical status and that’s also the plus, as the volume capacity almost double.  That is the difference and its uniqueness.


Client: Portuguese Down Syndrome Association

Credits: Paula Trindade Silva, Joao Cracel, Elsa Casimiro and Pedro Monteiro

Design Direction for: Snord Supernormal Design 

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