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With the rebranding of its corporate identity Galp Energia, the Portuguese #1 fuel producer and supplier, sets off to update the whole Iberian retail network. 


The commission went from light styling and retrofit small fuel selling points to design €5M full concept premium highway filling stations. 

The new design standard delivered four finishing levels with hundreds of elements; from 200ft long canopies to fuel pumps, totems, service equipment’s, graphic application, in-site convenience stores and car-wash buildings. 

Improved design did emphasize the service experience, raised customer satisfaction, increased the company’s profile and added brand value.  


Over €280M were assigned to the first stage of the re-branding operation.


Client: Galp Energia

Credits: Goncalo Fonseca, Akis Constatinidis, Jose Carlos Mendes, Leonor Marques and Pedro Monteiro

Design Direction for: Brandia - Snord Supernormal Design

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