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Senior consulting support for business strategies to real innovation, co-generating the right conditions for creative development, aiming at the unique products, services and experiences that best advocate the technical expertise and know-how in or your business throughout the ever-changing markets.

Business based. 

Setting business goals towards innovation, planning, and defining best strategies. Advising: managing with design / strategies for innovation / setting business goals. Recommending: initiatives to face changes / best practices / prioritizing. Planning: mapping priorities/groundworks for identity / road map to innovation. Residence basis - thehumans’ exclusive unique engagement service offering a full-time in-house term within the client’s organization, aiming for a holistic assessment on all relevant factors impacting a business-oriented design strategy: embrace external inputs / in-house intensive design audits / comprehensive assessment reports.


Guiding internal teams throughout the strategies’ implementation encouraging participation.  Innovation mind-set: face and encourage change / cross-disciplinary engagement / cross-department empathy. Training:  mentorship / coaching / tailor-made training. Implementation: protocols for bridging engineering and design / rollout programs / complying and perfecting guidelines.


Counseling and execution of best practices leading to patentable innovations and successful patents. Opportunities:  patent road map / industry assessment / patent audits. Research: comprehensive patent search / finding relevant leads / patent strategies. Patenting: patent application draft / patent strategy implementations / patent management.

the future
of everything.


thehumans offer full-scope industrial design services in an optimistic transformative approach to real innovation, engaging in a collaborative people-centered mindset, co-creating ways to business growth and improving the life quality of the communities it serves.


Planning based on opportunities and leads to better understand what the people that matter to your business value most, in their jobs and in their lives. Embrace change:  listen to the people / observe industry trends / design benchmarking competitors.  Finding meaning: mapping insights and plan / prioritize leads and opportunities / draft the design principles.  Leading your industry:  innovation potential strategy / patenting / patent strategy.


Explorative ideation turning insights into design concepts, transforming and translating design analytics and technology into new ways for making technology beautiful and useful for better serve more people, no matter what your industry is. Ideation:  originative exploration / turning intangible analytic data into visions / creative idea generation.  Design concepts:  transforming ideas into concepts / materializing insights / creating usage and usability concepts / tailor-made industrial design. Any industry:  consumer electronics / biomedical / medical consumer products / wellness / industrial professional machinery / gas appliances / LPG / healthcare / sports / professional electronics  / I.o.T. and I.o.e.T / household / tableware / lighting / banking / food & beverage / electric mobility / electric vehicles /  leisure / outdoor living / metallurgy / pets / transportation / automotive / motorcycling / green industries / optoelectronics / telecommunications / livelihood / chemical / petrol & oil / npo-non profit organizations / hospitality / ceramics / glass / surfing / motor racing / kitchen accessories / appliances / entertainment / public services / retail / furniture / office furniture / outdoor furniture / signage / way-finding / water management / farming / aroma therapy / light therapy / wine & spirits / high cuisine / materials technology / heavy machinery / coffee & tea / portable electronics / lab machinery / pharmaceutical / public health / robotics / automation / industrial automation / safety / security / monitoring / air quality / Internet of medical things / automated visual inspection / space travel / aerospace / pneumatic tools / power tools / professional tools / power industrial trucks / forklift trucks.


Turning design concepts into unique and better products, services and experiences, detailing and branding them throughout the implementation the plan that works best for your business and the people it serves: Detailing: turning design concepts into unique industrial design  / design detailing and fine tuning / bridging with engineering / prototype / proof of concept. Product design identity: extend design concept across product categories / implementing design criteria / product design identity systems / short and long-term design identity implementation plans. Patents: patent audit / patent assessment / patent viability / patent development / patent application draft / patent strategy.