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True luxury is a commission to design the cover for a local design magazine. 


The assignment was to share our vision of the ultimate luxury. 


When started collecting some of the most expensive and eccentric stuff on earth, one realizes the relative issue with it: an ordinary car can be much more expensive for the factory worker than a half-a-million-dollar super-car would be for Cristiano Ronaldo. 

Money is not the point at all: The true luxury is about the things beyond material value, the kind of stuff you can’t buy: It’s about more time, happiness…and a second chance to do it right. It’s about finding your soul mate. 


To deliver it the team design a nice True Luxury pack with four weird flasks containing the elixirs for long lasting self-indulgency.  We than used the magazine as the studio’s 1st year self-promotional memento.


Client: Blue Design magazine

Credits: Pedro Monteiro and Joao Cracel

Design Direction for: Snord Supernormal Design

Process: from nothing to something new. 

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