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Strange drop-like flasks to impact

on a design magazine cover

S4 True 1 790x536
S4 True 2 790x536
S4 True 3 790x536
S4 True 4 790x536
S4 True 5 790x536
S4 True 6 790x536
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Even if you made something in solid gold engraved with diamonds, it would not be true luxury, but only luxurious.  The turning point in our quest came when we decided not to materialize a luxurious object, but, somehow, to give shape to the intangible abstraction of providing access to simple yet rare indulgences in everyone's life. 


The team come up with these magic drinks, designed some unusual drop-like flasks, packed them in a nice lacquered white box, and rendered a cool image for a design magazine cover. 

Though it’s just one image, the concept is incredibly powerful; even Cristiano Ronaldo would appreciate some of this to help on his romantic life.


Client: Blue Design magazine

Credits: Joao Cracel and Pedro Monteiro

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